Tabitha Allen-Draft

Licensed Interpreter, Member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Member of CODA international, Instructor, Deaf Advocate, Mentor, and Presenter


We are comprised of only the most qualified and experienced interpreters, capable of handling any kind of interpreting setting. Interpreters are available 24/7/365 to support our clients and their consumers in achieving effective communication. We provide services to federal, state, city and county entities, private corporations, educational institutions, health care providers, and more. Aside from interpreting services, we provide educational workshops and American Sign Language Lessons. We take pride in our work and are committed to providing clear and concise services- with excellence and passion as our forefront.

Owner Tabitha Allen-Draft has been fluent in American Sign Language for over 30 years and recently received the prestigious Top 40 Under 40 Leaders 2020 award and honor in North Carolina. She is a “CODA”, A Child Of Deaf Adults. She is the only hearing person in an all deaf family which includes both of her parents, grandparents, and younger sister. She is well known for her active role in the deaf community as well as engaging in deaf charities and events.  Tabitha interprets in a variety of settings including government agencies, churches, hospitals and schools.

Tabitha has a passion for helping others and has a positive, uplifting, and encouraging spirit. She is also the founder of CODA Connections, inc. a non profit 501(c)(3) servicing Children Of Deaf Adults, their parents and deaf families; focused on "Cultivating Inclusion, Celebrating Differences! Connecting the hearing and deaf worlds!" 

Experienced, respectable, reliable, and talented, she has a proven track record of helping the deaf and hard of hearing. Bridging the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds, Tabitha understands that American Sign Language is more than Just a form of communication, it is a culture.


Services Offered

Sign Language Course

ASL Children's and Adult Classes

ASL Interpreting and Translating

ASL Tutoring for Children and Adults



In need of an interpreter for your appointment or event? Interested in learning sign language? In need of deaf advocacy, support or general Information? Contact Hands That Speak today!

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